Monday, August 20, 2007

Funny bits

(I have been watching TOO MANY BRITISH PEOPLE on tv when I use "bits" in regular conversation. But... I'm getting there. :D )

Amidst the pain of Saturday night, I thought I would share my one foolish moment in the middle of a funeral and the humorous statement my friend K. said to me while we were leaving the funeral to go get something to eat.

1. (Setting... We are at the church sitting down. I am between former crush and my roommate.)
Roomie: "Do you have any gum?"
Me: "Yes, hang on. "
(Grab giant purse/quilt patterned diaper-bag off floor.)
Me: "Sorry if y'all see anything in here. I haven't cleaned out my purse in a while. I'm likely to have a small child or a dead body in there."

OH MY GAH!!!!! I could have crawled under the entire church for saying something THAT stupid. Not to mention the fact that there was a DEAD BODY in my presence about 50 feet away. Ugh.

2. (Setting... K. and I are driving up the road having left the funeral headed to meet friends for dinner. He and I are talking about Randy and death and suicide, etc.)
K: You know, we're going to get to heaven and look around and someone and think, "How did THEY get HERE?"

I seriously could not quit laughing. When I get to heaven, it won't matter, but it was still a funny thought to lighten the moment. Especially considering that 30 minutes earlier, all of us had been crying.


Broken Shadows said...

In a twisted way that was funny about the BODY. Yes I am twisted but there something unique about that...

Jenn said...

You mean... unique about me making a giant Donkey out of myself? It was nothing. :)