Friday, August 31, 2007

Words and music by...

I don't typically have a "lyric post". However, this song is in my head regularly. I think the song is several years old now, but I only heard it about three years ago. It's an anthem for me, a vulnerability, the heart of worship. Without him... where would we be?

"How Deeply I need you"

Here is my heart, I give it Lord to you
Here is my life, I lay it before you
Where else would I go?
What else Would I do?
If I did not know you?

How deeply I need you, my Lord
How deeply I need you, my Lord

Like the desert needs the rain,
I need you like the Ocean needs the streams,
I need you like the Morning needs the sun,
I need you Lord you Are my only one

In every way, in every day I need you

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Fran said...

Amen girl! Very good lyrics...where would be without Him? I don't want to go back. Been there, done that.

I hope your weekend has been good.
Remember...Deeper Still! :)