Wednesday, March 11, 2009

another recap -- Biggest Loser

I have seen every episode of The Biggest Loser; I have been a fan since the First Season (when it ACTUALLY aired). With that said, I have seen few IF ANY episodes as dramatic as last nights... HOLY COW!!

Last night started with a continuation from the previous week... we have all been waiting to see if Mikey lost the weight! PTL... He did!

That's followed up with the news of a Pop Challenge, where the contestant who wins the challenge gets to match up player-for-player for the next weigh-in. I'm not a huge fan of Tara (sorry if you are), so to see her win was eh. It was immediate to see (as a viewer) how detrimental of a challenge this would be. Her match-ups were kinda predictable too!

Fast forward to the training, where Filipe gets "forgotten" by Jillian. I can't help but think how hard of a job Jillian and Bob have... building relationships, designing workouts, keeping contestants on track with food, etc, etc, etc. I kept wondering why he didn't say something to her... but instead fumed in the gym? Thoughts? Anyone?

Then, comes the next challenge, an endurance race at 24Hour Fitness. Please know this is my opinion... but why is Ron still here? I get it... he needs to lose the weight. But as an overall contestant, he doesn't pull his weight. (no pun intended). And of course... if the first leg of a four part challenge is the slowest, it's so difficult to make up time. The Blue Team couldn't make it up either. The black team's prize was 24 hours of luxury.

And the black team went BerZerck! Over 15,000 calories. I say this having struggled with weight my whole life, if presented the opportunity to eat fried chicken, I would have had a hard time too. I just felt like the contestants were wreckless knowing that a weigh-in was emminent. Not to mention, do you know what happens when you've weaned yourself off of bad food and then suddenly splurge? And then to think they were drinking too?

Ew. That's all I can say!

And then comes the meltdown. Wow. I felt bad for Jilian honestly. "You do the crime, you do the time", but the black team decided to lie to her, then bully her? Yikes!

I love Bob. I would marry Bob in a New York minute too... but I couldn't tell if it was creative editing (we now know TBL producers DO that), or if Bob really didn't ask the whole story from Filipe and Sione. I guess we'll never know?

Fast forward to the weigh-in. Blue Team Loses. Ron automatically decides that Mandi deserves to go home. I'm disgusted with Ron. I really wish the ladies would have gotten together and voted him off. I really wanted Mandi to win it all! Now, I just hope she'll be the At-Home Biggest Loser winner.

If you recap... lemme know!!!

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Staci said...

I HAVE to agree that this was one of the most dramatic episodes yet (other than the one where Bob went off on Joelle!).

My thoughts...

~Tara is a machine! She's unstoppable and, I feel, is there for the right reason. I'm sure others hate her for that, but she works hard for the results she gets.

~Totally agree with you about Filipe's meltdown. He was kind of a baby about it, if you ask me. Granted, I don't know why she didn't train with him, but all he had to do was ask.

~Ron. I like him. I see your point, but when he called out Mandi's name as who was to be voted off, I kinda thought that it sounded like they had already decided the order of who would be kicked off previous to the weigh in. I personally feel like he is pulling his weight, the best he can.

~Berzerck Black team! What were they thinking?!?! Did they THINK the sliders and tequila shots were a good idea?? Seriously?!?! I totally agree with what Jillian said that if they won the weigh in, they would've gotten away with murder and she hoped they wouldn't win. With Tara's 0 lb. weight loss and the poor performance of the rest of the team, I think it was a huge wake up call.

~I think Mandi's decision at the end to sacrifice herself was a little overdramatic. Like she was the sacrificial lamb.

I love the show, but I think they're turning it TOO much into a reality-drama-scripted TV show. It's not like they're competing for a contract or a new car or something...they're competing for their life!! They NEED this. I just hate how they're so much gameplay on the part of the producers about mixing up the teams, sending half of them home at the beginning, etc. Just let them compete, train, weigh in and vote off. My 2 cents.

Sorry this is SOOOOO long :)