Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Various and Unsundry: I'm still medicated edition. :)

I wanted to post something right now because I don't feel AS bad as I did yesterday... :)
  • I had a dream that I got called into H.R. at work because I'd been blogging the company name. For the record, I have NEVER blogged where I work, and will never. Blogging Company Name = No More Job That I Love.
  • I actually slept for 8 hours (from 3-11) this morning. Praise the Lord!
  • My SD made chicken & rice soup that he calls the "Miracle Bowl".
  • My mom reminded me that my medical records said something else... "Patient appears slightly agitated".
  • You think???
  • I'm getting really emotional about this weekend. I'm terrified about people have germs that could hurt me (even a cold could put me back in jeopardy), but I keep reminding myself that it push comes to shove, I'll wear a mask.
  • I'll look like a dork, but who cares.
  • We're at almost $9000... and there are still people who haven't donated. I can't even begin to articulate how stinkin' excited that makes me!!!!!
  • I forgot to do a DTWS recap. Maybe later today... who knows.
  • My parents got the house painted (inside). Our living room has been clinically white for 15 years... but now it looks homey!

That's really all I've got. I mean, I sleep, I cough, I take enough cough medicine to put down elephants, don't walk more than 40 feet at a time -- my life is not uber-exciting, but it's mine, and I'll take it.

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Love Y'all!!


1 comment:

Mimi said...

Please don't push yourself to go this weekend if you're not up for it. If you get more sick, it won't help anyone.

I did't know Nathan, but he would probably yell at you if you put yourself in jeopardy, am I right?