Thursday, March 5, 2009

iPod Thursday

**Updated to include the reasons... thanks Paige!**

(You can catch the last installment here)

This week's mix is a little bit random... some old... new... but definitely the top 10 on my list. I'm going to try (for at least today) to leave off why I picked 'em and why I'm listening to 'em because you probably don't care.

  • Be Okay -- Ingrid Michaelson -- I feel like the chorus of this song is an anthem for me. I'm just wanna be okay. :)
  • Desert Song -- Hillsong -- I just love the words in the song. There are seasons where we all feel like we're in a desert, and I love the Anthem... "I WILL" (not maybe... but WILL)
  • Absolute -- The Fray -- Oh to be Absolute... Oi!
  • Hope Now -- Addison Road -- I heard this on the radio a few Sundays ago and I love the words "Everything rides on Hope now... you're what sets me free"
  • Jesus Be a Fence Around Me -- Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ -- This was on Jenn's soundtrack for 2008 and I Love it! Just makes me happy and gets me going to hear this!
  • Mmm... -- Laura Izibor -- Somebody somewhere is cracking up, but this is from Tyler Perry's "Why Did I get Married" movie. If I drank wine... I would totally break out a glass of red, turn the lights low, and listen to this song. Maybe a good/potential make-out song for my hubbie. Wishful thinkin'?
  • Who am I to say -- Hope -- also from the movie... I love it. "Who am I to say, you love me, I don't know anything at all"
  • Broken -- Lifehouse -- I am a long-time LifeHouse fan. This songs just speaks to me... plus, I could listen to the lead singer's voice for HOURS.
  • It's Only Life -- Kate Voegele -- Not that any of you would imagine this, but I read too much into life. I like the message... 'cause It's Only Life. :)
  • You Make My Dreams - Daryl Hall & John Oates -- Wedding Singer was on the other day... and with my all-time love for cheesy romantic comedies, this song is my fav from that movie... aside from the final song with Billy Idol. Duh.

Hey... so what are you listening to? I'd love to know!


Paige said...

Jenn I love to read why you chose the songs.

Aims said...

I LOVE Hope! I really like her song "Bring Me Flowers." You need to check it out if you haven't already.

Paige said...

I love that you added your comments!! I have actually gone and looked up a song to hear it just because of your reasoning for liking the song.