Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DWTS Recap #4

(You'll notice there's no recap for week 3... sorry folks!)

I was a week behind in watching last week's results show:
  • LOVED LOVED LOVED the routine during Hall & Oates
  • Adele - need I say more?
  • Getting to see Alex & Edyta dance
But onto this week. I sat on the couch this morning and clapped!

David Alan Grier & Kym -- as a longtime fan of In Living Color, I can appreciate D.A.G. I'm glad Carrie Ann is finally on board with that! I really thought David did a good job, and that Kym is an incredible choreographer! Good job!

Lil' Kim & Derek -- in spite of my previous comments, I thought this performance was spectacular! Lil' Kim was so composed and the footwork... the girls in the Pen need to give LK a shout out! Derek is growing on me... we'll see!

Chuck Wicks & Julianne -- Julianne can pull off campy (see the last three seasons), but I felt like Chuck wasn't selling it, you know? I honestly think the routine would have appealed more without those costumes, but that's just my opinion.

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta -- Unless you live under a rock, Edyta is 1) absolutely gorgeous, and 2) incredibly talented. I can't tell if Lawrence doesn't like her, but I feel like he's getting really upset with her (at least from the 10 second clips we get to see), but also in his dancing. One of the judges last night referenced that it looked like Lawrence was scared of Edyta. L, you're a big ole football player. You CAN do this.

Ty Murray and Chelsie -- INCREDIBLE. Ty Murray is awesome, and while I'm sure he would never in a million years refer to himself as a ballroom dancer, he's definitely got the moves! I'm so glad that Chelsie is a pro this year; she's done a spectacular job!

Steve Wozniak & Karina -- I feel like Karina was more relaxed this week because Denise Richards wasn't all over her man. I like Steve. He's cheesy, and campy, and nerdy, but God knows he's sincere in his faults. He can laugh at himself better than anyone in quite a few seasons, and is tough skinned enough to not let the judges comments' get to him. And Karina looked fabulous.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony -- I think this is the first time (that I've seen) Tony have a partner that 1) doesn't look like she's going to break, 2) CAN DANCE, and 3) is willing to push the proverbial envelope. I love Tony and want to see him in the final 3, or as the winner!! Vote for Tony!!

Holly Madison & Dmitri -- I'm not a fan of Holly's, but I am of Dmitri's. Holly took an actual beating this week in rehearsal and seeing her legs after their performance... OUCH! I think Holly is holding back, and that she can do better! Let's hope she gets the chance.

Steve-O & Lacey -- um.... Johnny Knoxville, I love you?! I'm glad you were in the audience wtih April Margera (Bam's Mom). I can't help but want to root for Steve-O. He can do this!!!!

Gilles Marini & Cheryl -- This dance wasn't my favorite but was performed exceptionally well. Congrats to G&C for 30! Keep it up!

Shawn Johnson & Mark -- I love that Mark gets his cheesiness sincerely (from this father), and that he's not afraid to look a little ridiculous for his craft. I thought the routine was great! but the judges were not so giving. Boo to you! Good job Shawn & Mark!

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Aims said...

Julianne, Lacey, and Max are probably my favorite professional dancers, but I am really rooting for Melissa. That poor girl deserves it and not because of what happened on the Bachelor. This season there's not one I can't stand like last season (Cloris), so it will be interesting to see who actually wins.
PS- You think Edyta is gorgeous?!? :-/