Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me again, folks.

I just want to say that reading the comments that some of you left have made me cry. Thank you a thousand times over.

I have acute lower left-lobe pneumonia. I went to find a better example, and of course there are a bajillion types of pneumonia, and no definition is really fitting.

It was quick -- as in less than 7 days. It was full lower lobe, meaning the bottom half of my lung was completely white on the chest xray.

I'm not going to go through all my CBC numbers, but acting like a fruitcake and driving myself to the E.R. with a 103 fever might have been the smartest thing I've done in a while. I was able to get the first round of antibiotics before a few of my levels hit the 1,000 mark. (Which is critical when it comes to your white blood cell count.)

I am not allowed to go back to work until at least Monday, because of risk of infection to and from coworkers. Believe it or not, I would rather be at work. Somebody write that down, I don't say that, well, ever.

I honestly would not wish this on my worst enemy or Mr. and Mrs. IhopeYouFellOffTheFaceOfTheEarth.

I should tell you that I had to go pick up my records for my follow-up visit yesterday. I decided to read through them with my Mom (who came to visit me/take care of me), and I couldn't help but crack up at the notes from the E. R. Triage nurse on Saturday night:

"Patient appears to be mildly obese. Patient appears to be overly anxious. Patient appears to have some issues."

Really? I guess I should be thankful she didn't type, "She's an anxious fatty". That would have been worse.

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Mimi said...

OMG, the comments from the nurse made me laugh.