Monday, March 9, 2009


  • I'm exhausted from reading the last book in the Shopaholic series -- Shopaholic & Baby.

  • I was up until 2:00 reading that book.

  • There is a great liklihood that I'm going to fall asleep at my desk.

  • That last statement has NOTHING to do with my responsibilities. I have plenty to do, but no energy to do it with.

  • Two of my bosses are sick.

  • I'm pretty sure New Guy is going to "catch" whatever is going around.

  • Although it's highly likely that the bosses are sick with allergies from Bradford Pears.

  • But still... NG will probably catch it.

  • I've resorted to coffee to wake up.

  • My next option will be redbulls and a diet pill.

  • As I type that, I realize how that might affect tonight's sleep though.

  • so... on second thought, No Red Bull.

  • I should mention that I proposed marraige (to a man) last night. He shot me down, but then sent me a hilarious but inappropriate text message.

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