Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reason #422 to leave hair care to the Professionals

If you knew me three years ago, the running joke was, wonder what color Jennifer's hair is going to be? I was notorious for changing my hair (and I mean drastically) every couple of weeks. I've been blonde, and redheaded (every gamut), brunette, and black. I've been stripped red and blonde, blonde and brown, red and brown, red and black.

My hair has been purple and platinum and papaya and copper and dayglo orange, a disturbing shade of TRUE red, blue black, and I once looked like a red-headed Cruelle Deville.

But, after the worst hair experience ever, I nearly gave up the proverbial goat. I went to solids.

I should also point out that I was spending $80 - $120 every six week to two months on hair COLOR. That's an average of almost $700 ANNUALLY on my hair.


So, I've taken to coloring my hair to reduce costs, save time, and preserve some of my sanity.

When my hair was long, it would cost me $12.00 to color my hair.

Now that it's short, it's about $7.00. Nice, huh?

Except that I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle last night. I meant to grab two bottles of #41 Medium Brown, and grabbed two bottles of #47 RICH BROWN.

So, basically my hair is black now.

I'm guessing this is going to be my first "Gothic" Spring though. :D


Warrior Priestess said...

I KNEW you wanted to be like me. See your subconcious said "Jenn, lets be like Royce. Let's have black hair and pretend we're Asian."
Tee Hee Tee Hee

Mimi said...

Maybe the black will highlight your peaches & cream skin...

Bitsy said...

What, no pictures! Can't wait to see it. This must the month for bad hair color. I got mine professionally colored and it's still red!!!!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry, but it cracked me up that you wrote your hair has been, "payapa" instead of "papaya". :) I love it! And I do remember you always changing your hair color. You're so brave. I wish I could convince myself to do more with mine, but the fear of God comes over me when I'm placed in that salon chair. I did it for the first time this fall (right around when I saw you) and haven't been back since. I'm trying to be brave enough to make another appt. :) I am SUCH a sissy!