Saturday, March 21, 2009

Survey Says...


My hibernation -- not for no reason. I had a fever that wouldn't break tonight, so reluctantly, I headed to the E.R. alone. I thought I was going out of foolishness, but 2 1/2 hours after I'd taken my meds, my temperature registered at 102.4.

Kinda high, donchaknow?

My friend D. came and sat with me. I had to have an I.V. and I.V. antibiotics, and I was dehydrated. And there was no "maybe she has it, may be not", it was VERY apparent on my first chest x-ray that Leftie Lung had a case of Dirty-P.


Pro: I got a Dr's note for 3 days

Con: My mom (tender woman that she is says), "Jenn, Pneumonia's nothing to joke about it. People STILL die from it"

Pro: I got a Dr's note for 3 days

Con: My brother jokingly (and innocently) sent a text that said "Don't die".

I have such a loving, caring family, no?

So, if you have come in contact with me, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS CLEAN go get checked out.

Thank you.

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Mimi said...

I'll be praying for leftie lung (a his partner, too, just for good measure!)

Just think, 3 days of bad daytime TV & no NEW GUY!