Friday, March 13, 2009

I am torn as to whether or not I should write about this, but in an effort to "keep it real", I think writing is cathartic.

Can I just mention that planning an event is easy, but getting people to not act like JERKS is not?

I'm so ridiculously excited about the CF walk this year. I have been, well, honestly, I've been excited about the walk since last year's walk. There is a big giant hole in my life without Nathan now. Last year, the night before the walk, I went over to his house, and just hung out with him for hours. We talked and laughed and cut up and had a good time. He told me to chill out after the t-shirt fiasco, gave me a big ole hug, told me he loved me, and thanked me for everything.

I cannot express my grief at not being able to do that this year.

The day after Nathan passed, his Dad asked me to set up the team for the walk. Information was available at the viewing and the service.

And it's now been 2 months, and all I'm getting is riddled with calls from people who "don't like the t-shirt", or are calling me with really stupid stuff. And I can get past that.

But it's the people who call under the pretense of being concerned about me that made me want to scream. The phone call that nearly set me over the

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