Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Have A Giveaway!!!

Hey Y'all!

I haven't done a giveaway for ... well... a while. My friend Crystal has finally set up an Etsy shop, and as promised, I wanted to share her designs and creations with you!

As background, I've known Crystal since we were in the 3rd grade. We didn't get close until high school, when we wound up working both of our first jobs together. Crystal is such a neat person. And really neat is an understatement! She has this eclectic classy style, kind of a revamped Audrey Hepburn style if you will. She's a huge fan of Hello Kitty, all things art, and absolutely anything that involved Harry Connick, Jr. She introduced me to Sephora and Anthropologie, and frankly deserves a medal for that alone! I also want to mention that this is not her first foray into jewelry... she's been into jewelry creation for about 9 years. I actually still own a necklace and bracelet set from her!

In honor of her Etsy adventure, I'm giving away something of YOUR choice from her shop! Everything is feminine but tough... and definitely Crystal!

To enter in, stop by her Etsy shop, find something you like, and just leave a comment with your choice and your email. Contest ends March 31! If you send someone here, make sure they include that, and you'll get entered twice!

She'll be shipping directly to you too!

And go!


Mimi said...

Honey your link is wrong, you mis-typed etsy.

I think it should be

Mimi said...

My favorite is the daisy necklace. Love it!

Connie said...

My fav is the cute necklace, it is just so....cute!

Tasha said...

I love the Modern Polymer Clay Necklace. Too cute!!

Bitsy said...

I love the Pink and Silver Pendant on Pink Organza. All of it is beautiful!!! Bitsy :)