Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DWTS Recap - #2

Here we go... Week 2. Somebody's getting the boot tonight. Wonder who?

I need to interrupt this segment to tell you that I just got an email that Britney Spears is following me on Twitter. Wow.

I must start that it was immediately obvious that Steve-O was missing. I really do like Lacey, and I was worried that Steve-O was out.

Let's start with Holly & Dmitri --As I said last week, I feel bad for Dmitri. She didn't suck as bad as I thought she would (I was surprised and kinda impressed), but still feel like she's not connecting. Whatevertheheck that means.

David Alan Grier & Kym -- I am rooting for him, and thought he did a good job! But Miss Inaba was not nice. Actually, I thought she was 'not nice' to quite a few contestants that that's neither here nor there. The judges thought there wasn't enough routine (too much standing for DAG), but I can't help but think the the pros have the hardest job. They have to choreograph and teach ameteurs a skilled routine in a matter of days. And "ameteur" is being nice.

Denise Richards & Maksim-- I still think she's going to fall for Maksim (I mean, who wouldn't?), but I can't fault her dancing for that. Denise, you did a good job.

Belinda Carlisle & Jonathan -- we were having a discussion while watching that Maksim and Jonathan do the exact same moves, but look totally different doing them, we decided that we'd like to see Jonathan grow some facial hair. Scruffy is the new sexy! The routine was a little kitchy, but good for Belinda. She needs to work on her hips, but I loved the outfit she was wearing. 'Cause you know the most important thing is costume anyway.

Ty Murray & Chelsea -- I am a Chelsea fan because of SYTYCD, and honestly knew well, nothing about Ty. But this week - WOW! Ty was abso-stinkin-lutely PHENOMENAL! To all the cowboys/rodeo-ers who gave him a hard time, I hope you ate your hat on that routine. America just fell in love with Ty because he's so honest. And you can't Lasso that kinda love either!

Shawn Johnson & Mark -- (Mark, you are probably my favorite male pro.) Shawn was clearly embarassed about having to do a "sexy" routine, but she did a good job. I thought she deserved a better score, but 24 ain't bad.

Steve Wozniak & Karina -- Did anybody get the impression that Karina gets easily annoyed with Steve. I think he probably tries too hard (he does that for the camera), so I would imagine him being the same way in training. If I were "crushing my foot", I would not have danced. God only gave you two feet, and I'm not small potatoes, so Kudos to the Woz for taking one for the Geek Squad. And seriously, I'm waiting on the iPhone application. And an iPhone. Thanks!

Chuck Wicks and Julianne -- they're so cute it's gross, you know? I get it, you're blonde, perfect, you can dance, and sing. Thankfully I won't be following the republican Senator from Iowa's regards to off myself though. Only because the routine wasn't my favorite. The guy next to me says, "Is she losing her pants?", I said "No", and lo and behold, you nearly did lose your britches. Fortunately, having your boyfriend as your dancing partner makes it okay for him to hold your pants on. But my hope is that you stick with dresses. Those pants reminded me of the things that clean your car at an automatic carwash. :D

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta -- Edyta, you looked beautiful tonight. Lawrence, you CAN do this. We believe in you. All the men watching need you to win for redemption anyway. We're rooting for you,... just keep pushing!

It was during Lawrence and Li'l Kim that we found out what happened to Steve-O. OUCH. I'm with Lacey, to see Steve-O wince means it must REALLY hurt. And judges, you were MEAN to Lacey. Mad props to Lacey for taking it with grace.

Li'l Kim & Derek -- I still think Derek is being Punk'd and that we'll find out during Dance Center that Ashton Kutcher has been working with the producers all along. With that said, she did a good job. I think the judges got all their aggression out on Lacey and just gave away point for Kim.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony. Tony -- What Were You Wearing? I commented to the guy beside me that if HE wore that shirt, I would probably take a picture. And blow it up Poster Size. The Dance... FANTASTIC. The costumes -- FABULOUS. The entire routine -- BEST OF THE NIGHT. And Jason Meznick -- you're STILL an idiot.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl -- I like Gilles. I think Cheryl is awesome. The routine was good, but not the best. I'm not sure what litmus test Carrie Ann is using, but I thought Melissa was better. But then, I'm not a judge so who cares?

Thoughts? Comments? Commentary?? Join me!


Kristina said...

I'm so glad you do these!! I end up seeing half the show and missing the other half. When i get home from work at 9 sometimes I just don't feel like hearing curtis' harrassment about dancing with the c/d list stars! haha i thought the same thing about karina and woz - she doesn't like him! i like ty and surprisingly lil kim isn't bad. after this week, I'll pick a fav (too many to choose from now and they are all bad!)

Kristina said...

oh yeah and i hope you feel better!!!