Monday, March 9, 2009


I want to hear.

I want to hear what's on your iPod. Or Mp3. Or Windows Media.

Or the cassette that is still in your car. (Dude, I have one too! I'll upload a picture soon!)

What's on your playlist? If you blog it... just post a link in the comments.

Is there some song that you listen to over and over and over again? Is there a CD that you can't live without?

Other than Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. 'Cause that songs gets me EVERYTIME. And it has now for um, 11 years? Wow. I guess I still don't want the world to see me. You know.

I wanna know what it is.

Doesn't matter what Genre.

I wanna know.

It's important!!!!!!!


Mimi said...

Right now I'm playing alot of Josh Groban.

I cannot listen to Iris. My ex-husband, Asshat, was having his affair & I found out about it when that song was all over the airwaves. All this time I still can't listen to it.

I do love how music instantly transports me back to a certain place, as long as it isn't the bad places!

Josh Lane said...

Hey Jenn, I did a blog post a couple weeks ago on some of the music that I'm really diggin right now...feel free to check it out and I hope that it helps. Here is the link:

Tasha said...

Hey Jenn! I love reading your blog but I never comment. I fiqured it was time :)

1. Like you I cannot get enough of The Fray- Absolutely LOVE that CD

2. new Matthew West- Something to Say- sooo good. A few songs make me an emotional wreck though

3. Coldplay- Viva la Vida- ridiculously good

4. Beyonce- I am- Don't judge- sometimes a girl just has to dance :)

Jenn said...

Mimi... I need to send you an email about iris.

Josh... you rock.

Tasha, I'm not judging you for Beyonce... dontchu worry! I love some Beyonce! She's got some of the best workout music!

crittyjoy said...

I too am loving the Fray's new album...and U2's new one also...amazing.

And for my dorkiness I stinkin LOVE the Wicked soundtrack :P