Monday, February 16, 2009


  • I feel _________.
  • Last night, I couldn't find any of my old Avalon CD's, so I downloaded a few songs on iTunes. Made me VERY nostalgic. Also, I cried listening to "I don't want to go". Shew-wee.
  • I haven't really felt like blogging, and I don't know why. I haven't missed four days in a really long time. Or it could have just been a few months. Who knows.
  • I had an interesting Valentines weekend.
  • A boy.
  • A hockey game with friends.
  • A VERY HONEST talk with a good friend yesterday.
  • No sad or melancholy feelings here about VDay. No wallowing in pity about being single.
  • No tears which is actually kinda cool.
  • Becoming acutely aware of some things that are going to change drastically in the coming weeks.
  • A really awesome service yesterday.
  • Spending an hour with one of my favorite little people who had on the most adorable outfit (AND MATCHING BONNET) yesterday. Being with her made me want like 15 kids.
  • P.S. God, can that be from my blog to your ears? Yes, and AMEN! and A MAN!
  • A good and HILARIOUS girls' group last night.
  • Couldn't sleep last night.
  • heaviness. weirdness. not sure what that means either.

Missed y'all!

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