Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Dorothy, I think it's time to grab Toto.

Some Tennessee schools just let out for weather, North Georgia schools are cancelling after school care and advising teachers to leave "As Soon As Possible". We got an email about the Tornado Watch in effect.

And here's my rant. Teachers -- GET TO GO HOME. Bradley County Schools released students two hours early due to (and I quote) WIND. The rest of us? We get to stay at work and hunker down in a tornado shelter (of sorts).

'Cause my idea of weathering a storm is with my coworkers. YEAH. RIGHT.

When the local schools are still in session in July, It's going to be because they've called off school for every imaginable reason.

Whatever happened to weathering a storm at school? We spent a LOT of time in the hallways waiting for a tornado watch/warning to be over. Yes, we got home late, but at least the schools didn't put all the kids in jeopardy by throwing them on buses to beat the storms. Or worse yet, for all the parents who work (and HELLO, ARE YOU WATCHING THE NEWS ABOUT OUR ECONOMIC SITUATION?) now have to take time off to get their kids. Most likely time that they won't get back and can't make up.



aimee said...

Southerners crack me up about the weather. They freak out over one flake of snow because they never get any snow and they can't handle a tornado because they don't get those either. Move to Ohio and it's just a way of life :-)

Staci said...

Oh my gosh!! I need to work in TN!! Out of school for the wind?!?! Sheesh!