Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're gonna need a clean-up in the Parking lot.

I assume that, for at least one day, I should get away from the topic at hand and share a bit of God's sense of humor.

I have said, MANY TIMES, that God keeps me humble. And quickly.

There is a LOT going on behind the posts that I've written the last two days. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. But, I wrote it last night, hit POST, grabbed my stuff, and headed to Dalton to stay because I was concerned about the condition of the roads in the morning.

I was almost in town when I remembered that we were having a diaper shower for a friend at work (his wife is having their 3rd child this week), so I called Bits, and let her know I was running to Wal-Mart. I went in, grabbed the things that I needed, and checked out.

I pushed my buggy to the car and unloaded the items I had, and then headed to the buggy corral.

Then I suddenly realized that me and the buggy?... we were ACCELERATING.

A kid, maybe 16, was driving his family's minivan, and I'm assuming they were talking to him with the van in gear. He didn't even notice me.

That is until I started yelling!

"Hey... YOU HIT ME!"

Sure did... got bumped right there in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

From the looks of things, he had eased up on the brake, letting the car roll forward slowly. Of course, it scared this poor kid to death. I'm sure the crazy white lady yelling and waving at him didn't help either. It kinda freaked me out too, envisioning my life ending at the buggy corral of a Wal-mart (*shudder!*), but thankfully, other than being horribly embarrassed, I was okay.

Sufficed to say, God keeps me humble, and reminds me to chill out. And more often than not, in really hilarious ways.


Mimi said...

I have an almost 17 year old who's finishing up his driver's training this week & taking his driving test on Friday. Good thing you don't live in Michigan! The hairs on my head are turning grey as we speak!!!

Paige said...

Oh you know that would be on the front page of the LaGrange Daily News. Everything happens at Walmart!