Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello from California! I'm writing from my brother's iPhone so this will be short and sweet!

Cali... is kind of a let down. Somebody once called San Fran the New York of the west. My best guess is that they had never been farther than Texas! Ha!

The Golden Gate Bridge really is as beautiful as you've seen in pictures though.

And in case you wondering... no I didn't go to the wedding. Details to follow.

But I did get strip searched by TSA. Apparently I looked like a threat to national security wearing my CSI:Miami tshirt at the airport. Hilarious!!!

I'm headed to Alcatraz and then back to L.A. tonight. 'Cause you know I'm ready to see something exciting or at least Matthew!


Mimi said...

O.K., no wedding and a strip search?

Can't wait for details!

Jenn said...

You went all that way for the wedding and didn't get to go?! That sucks!