Sunday, February 1, 2009



Just a reminder...

You know those girls you treat like crap? The ones that you use (and abuse) at your convenience, for what makes you feel good? The girls you date just to date? The girls who act as time fillers, "Ms Right Now", while you keep looking for "The One"? Or does it comfort you to know that someone is treating your sister, cousin, or friend like trash?

My prayer, my hope, is that you figure out quickly that God made us right after you... God recognized that man was alone and didn't want it to be so. We were created as helpmates, as partners, as pairs. We are precious in God's sight.

Sadly, you don't treat us like that. You treat us like trash. Expendable. Worthless. Useless. Disposable.

Some of you need the somber reminder that, you may potentially be fathers one day.

Do you want someone like you to treat Your Little Princesses the way that you have treated women?

It's just a thought.

and while I'm on the tangent... Hey girls, being THAT girl, that made out with all the guys? It doesn't make us want to be you... it makes us sad for you. Sad that you have so devalued yourself that you're not worth having someone actually WAIT for you. Sad that no woman in your life was honest with you, encouraging you to find your purpose, not a dark place to make-out.

There is an old cliche -- Loose Lips Sink Ships. It doesn't JUST refer to gossip.

There is still hope. God is the RESTORER.


Bitsy said...

Not sure who you are targeting (if anyone specifically), but I hope they read it and listen. You are right on target!!! love ya

Aims said...

Seems like you referred to every guy I have ever dated. I know one day I will find a good guy who loves me, but my past relationships have unfortunately given me a low self esteem and have made me have trust issues. I just hope that God will help me with these issues for the next guy I date.

Jenn said...

Aims, You will find a good guy who loves you, but part of it all is realizing that God loved you FIRST. He values you and thinks you are precious. Trusting him means realizing that He will bring the right guy in your life, without you having to woo at all. Let God heal you now... that's why he is the Restorer!!!