Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrity Spottings

I've already gotten two texts this morning asking if I saw any celebrities. I am happy to report that I Did!

  • We had to return the rental car on Monday morning. When we got on the Hertz bus, I sat next to (and spoke to) Matt & Suzy Hoover. Matt won The Biggest Loser season 2. He met Suzy on the show, and she came in 3rd place. They were on the bus with her mom and their two sons. I asked my brother to be sneaky and try and get a picture. He did! I'll upload it later. I wish I had said more than one sentence to them... I was too timid to ask for a picture. P.S.... Suzy is absolutely beautiful. TV did not do her justice. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see them in person. Yay!
  • Lauren Graham -- Lorelei from The Gilmore Girls. We saw her at Paramount, and I'm pretty sure John Mark had a small heartattack. He loves her!
  • Eddie Murphy -- He was shooting a movie on the lot at Paramount.
  • Daniel Roebuck -- when I saw him in the airport yesterday, I looked at him and knew immediately that I knew him. I remembered he was on Matlock, but couldn't remember his name! But... He was on my plane and was a really nice guy!

So... my celebrity spotting wasn't a total bust!


Mimi said...

But MGG eluded you? Your stalking capabilities must have been off!

Aims said...

When I was in Beverly Hills, we took a celebrity home tour and I saw Dr. Rey's wife (Dr. 90210) coming out of Paris Hilton's house. We had to stop in the middle of the road because there were all kinds of paparazzi outside. Cali is like a whole other world, isn't it?