Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last night, at an engagement shower for for my friend and his fiance, there were two tables of Nerts going, and they were following by a violent game of Spoons.

Three people got "injured" and one girl was practically drug across a table. It was HYSTERICAL and outta control!


crittyjoy said...

now that sounds like my kind of party!

Hope those injured are okay :P

Yes, my love for Criminal Minds knows no bounds...I own the seasons on dvd :) So Hi to my CMBFF! (that would be Criminals Minds BFF!)

Staci said...

NERTS!! You're the only other person I've known who knows how to play nerts!! It's the best game ever! And I have to say that I'm pretty good :)

Michelle said...

I miss Nerts like nothing else living here. I tried to teach a bunch of my friends here, but they are convinced it's anti-filipino because ALL of them were confused. :) Sigh, the sacrifices I must make!

Kristina said...

I love nerts! Well I also hate it because I'm not that good. My mom and aunt love it almost as much as the National Nerts Assoc guy (in your comments)! haha I'm sorry we've missed each other in bible study - maybe I'll get there again before the end of it.