Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Various & Unsundry... Part One Eight.

Blogger is acting retarded at work. My post options are expanded. I have no HTML to edit (meaning I can't load pictures or even use bullets).


But... TWITTER is back up. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. :)


Girls are dumb. I have some wonderful girlfriends, but I'm speaking about myself and them when I say, we're DUMB. We do stupid things, stay with guys for even more ridiculous reason, and then act like the victim. Newsflash: We Are Not The Victim. Nine times out of ten that is. Whether it's roommates who are "into" the same guy or guyS (and pretend like they don't know [or that the rest of us don't know] the truth, girls who make send completely irrational text messages, and the one girl who thinks EVERY GUY likes her. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. If you 100% flirt with a guy and laugh at everything he says and pet him -- duh! what else do you think will happen? While I'm at it -- stop calling them "Your Boys". It's old. And makes you sound like you're 12.


Cali is stressing me out. Check.

But not nearly as much as the weather situation. Hello? I picked the WORST WEEK in California February Weather History to travel. And my brother, he'll be leaving on a plane from New York. You know, since they've had such luck with planes leaving in an around NYC.



Because my coworkers care nothing about my health, they've all graciously shared germs the last two weeks resulting in my going to bed at 6:00pm last night. My throat felt awful, I had "drippage", and sleeping was the only thing I felt like doing.

I'm pretty sure my roommate thought she was living with a bear in hibernation, but whatev.

I promptly slept until 7 this morning, and except for the shadiness of my contacts, I feel much better.

There will be a Lysol baptismal this morning at work too.

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