Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My rise to (and potentially subsequent fall from) Stardom

Here's my order of management:

Big Boss - Mr. T.
Director - Big D.
Manager - Another Jennifer in my life

New Guy does not work for me, although... that would crack me up. I might whip out my best Donald Trump impression and practice "YOU'RE FIRED!!" a few times.

Not that it would matter,... but whatever.

Anywhoo! Yesterday, Jennifer sent an email to Mr. T. and Big D. informing them that I would be leaving early on Friday and returning to work on Wednesday.

Two minutes later, Big D. responds with "unless she becomes a movie star!!!"

Which... totally cracked me up. This promptly led to Jennifer and I discussing the following: if I should reach stardom, am I required to give a two-weeks notice? Ha!

Then today, literally fifteen minutes ago, Big D. sends us both an email that says


I guess I beat you to becoming a star!

Big D.

Big D. had just been cast in a local musical. Clearly, we can see who the bigger star is. :)

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