Monday, January 22, 2007


I almost blogged over the weekend, and then realized that, it's good that I don't. I need a break, time to let "stuff" happen, and just re-assess. This weekend, I had a wedding, attended a sorority soiree, got a word from God, had a meltdown with a purchase from Best Buy, and figured out how much money I'm going to get back from my federal tax returns. It was ... eventful to say the least.

Friday night, I had a David Caruso marathon. I'm on the verge of sending him a fan letter. Friday night, I finally saw the three episodes involved in his character's wife's death on CSI:Miami. The next-to-last episode of last season, he married one of his employee's (and friend's) sister. On the last episode, she was murdered. (Bummer.) On the first episode of this season (#5), they showed Horatio (David) going to visit her grave. The tombstone read - 1978 2006. I freaked out! I was born in 1978! I know this is weird, but I don't care, and frankly, it's just perpetuating my celebrity crush!!!! So, even though he's 50, I know he would love a 28 year old. LOL!

Saturday, went to a wedding for my friends J. & J. It was beautiful!!! I didn't have that "I'm going to slit wrist because I'm still single" feeling either. I realized that, it's okay that it's not my time. It will happen, and it will be better than I can anticipate, and I can't wait. The bride's family was not really supportive, and you can see that she is still processing frustration. You can't eradicate a year and a half worth of tension, anxiety, frustration, and hurt in a 40-minute ceremony. But... a honeymoon to Spain is definitely a great way to start! J. is one of those women who I respect and admire. She is more beautiful inside than I can articulate. She inspires me.

Saturday night, I spent time with some "new girls". When I got in DZT six years ago, I wanted someone to make an investment in me. A few girls did. But in my heart, I wanted more. I wanted to know more people, and never really took the time to do that. Saturday night, I had the chance to actually talk to some of these incredible girls. They are young, and had lots of questions, and were very funny, but one... she got my attention. Right now, it's not important to know the details of why she got my attention, but she did. So... I'm going to do what I wanted someone to do for me... I'm going to really make an investment. I really felt in my heart to intercede for her, pray for her, and in a weird way, silently mentor her. She may never know who I am, but I want to stand in the gap for her. So... for the next ten weeks, I'm going to invest in her life, and love her as my sister, and pray for God to show her so much... more than I can articulate right now.

Sunday... I had a good time with God, and got in a fight with a representative from Linksys. Please do not ever buy their products. EVER.

Tonight, I am going to (try) to meet Frank Warren, creation/originator of Post Secret. I'm super-excited!!! I have a secret for him. I (secretly) hope it will make in to the website.

I have other stuff, but want to have it worded correctly. I will post later.

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Broken Shadows said...

I love linksys products they are what I buy for my house. I would have been glad to helped if you would have just sent me word. Sorry to hear about it.