Friday, January 26, 2007

Psalm 84:10a

"Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere" Psalm 84:10a

""I understand that to be with you may in fact mean degredation rather than accommodation." We have not been promised palatial housing, but we have been promised His presence. We often find ourselves in spaces that seem the last spot on earth we would have picked to insert ourselves, engaged in things that we never imagined ourselves having to do, but we can know this comfort; that wherever we are, we are in the very residence of God and this is sweeter and greater than anywhere without Him. We carry His residence into these spaces. Perhaps we're on our hands and knees with sponge and soap because someone has just made a mess of things or maybe we've just noticed that most places we inhabit are in need of cleaning. Living praise often leads us close to the ground. To dirt. It often leads to industry that is unglamorous and unromantic. It often leads us to sweat and toil and lonesome valleys. But around the bend are cool springs. Thse moments are holy becuase we know that wherever we find ourselves, we are in the very house of God. And there is space and comfort here exceeding anything offered elsewhere. Even if it leads us to dark places on our hands and knees, it is sweeter than lying on a beach in Greece because the sunshine of our Maker's presence is brighter and stronger than a thousand stars, and it reaches wherever we are." David Crowder Praise Habit

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