Friday, January 16, 2009

Apologies & Big Loser!

In a fit yesterday, I started a post with a tangent of sorts. It had nothing to do with anything (thus the reason it was so ambiguous), if that makes sense. I read a blog and it urked me and so I blogged... it was stupid, but it came across as disrespectful and judgmental.

That was completely NOT my intention and I have removed it. I don't normally breech to censorship, but feel like it could be taken out of context again and want to avoid that.

If you removed any posts, I am so sorry! Please know that sometimes my ranting are... IRRATIONAL. Call it hormones, call it jealousy, call it neurosis,... whatever you like, but please feel free to email me if you ever think I'm directing something in a cowardly manner. You can always email me at


To change up the mood (since I feel like a jerk now), I thought I'd share my prize for gaining the most weight this week. (Insert sarcastic glances now.) We've had a Biggest Loser competition going at work for over two years now. The prizes are nice, but it's been the accountability that has helped me, even though I've put all of my weight (plus some!) back on.

Fortunately, I start working with my friend soon, so I decided to trash talk the other coworkers who are apart of our competition. They all received the following email yesterday:

Congrats to all of you who lost more weight (or gained less) than me this week! Tater and I have had a good relationship, but it's over. You should know that I start training for my first 5K on Monday, so enjoy Tater sitting with me for now, because it won't be for long.

My inactive lifestyle + running = Tater sitting with one of you REAL soon!

While I'm mentioning my trash talking, you should know that my trainer sent me a sweet email letting me know that, when the weather is bad, we can to TaeBo tapes at her house.

I only have enough energy to make it through 8 minutes of a 30 minutes TaeBo tape and then I feel like I'm going to pass out.

Seriously, y'all pray for my Trainer. She's way in over her head. Also, that I don't sabotage myself. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS. !Si Se Puede!


In other news, I finally figured out how to disable comments. I'm slow... oh well. :D


Bitsy said...

Hello Anonymous!!!
I must have missed the raging post! You will have to fill me in!!!!! I DID update my blog by the way.

Mimi said...

I saw the post wasn't that bad, but I'm glad you took it down if you felt uncomfortable about it.

I'm keeping you in my prayers!