Monday, January 5, 2009

I don't have the energy to think of a title.

I don't have the words right now to say things that I want to say to people that I love.

And then I went and read Amy Beth's post and now I'm really crying.

So, I did the only thing I knew... I let words speak to me.

"I will bless Your Name. I will bless Your Name. I will Bless Your Name, Forevermore."

"You're Jehovah Jhireh
That's why I praise You
You've been my Provider
That's why I praise You
You see so many times
You´ve met my needs
So many times You rescued me
That's why I praise You
I want to thank You for the blessing You give to me each day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise
For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise"

"I never lost my hope
I never lost my faith.
I never lost my joy,
but most of all,
I never lost my praise"

"Demons have to flee when I say Jesus (Jesus)
Sickness has to heal when I say Jesus (Jesus)
Every knee shall bow before
and every tongue proclaim
With worthy praise
that matchless name of Jesus

Something special
about your name
Something happens
when i mention your name"

with every fiber of my being, I know that right now, the only word I need to say is Jesus.


Michelle said...

I just wanted you to know that I've been following the website & I'm praying for Nathan & his family. I've added it to my facebook status in hopes that friends will pray too.

I'm praying for you too love.

<3 Michelle

Mimi said...

Oh, honey. I'm not sure what this post means, but I went to Nathans page again & it didn't sound good.

Just know that there is a stranger-friend here in Michigan praying for you.


Jenn said...

Last night, I realized I didn't have the right words to say anymore, so I got on iTunes and downloaded the praise and worship songs that I knew HAD the words. And Mimi (P), you are not a stranger. Albeit a friend I've not officially met... you are far from a stranger. Thank you for your prayers. I did see the comment you left Nate the other day, and it touched my heart more than you know.

Chelle... I love you and am so thankful to know that you are praying!

Jennifer-LaGrange, GA said...

I so enjoy your bolg and not sure how I found it. I am not a blogger, but in just the past few weeks I started reading yours and keeping up with your friend Nathan. He is in my prayers and so are you.

have a great day.