Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm sorry... you must be thinking of someone else.

There is a "Not Me Monday" meme out in blogland, but because I suck at my meme consistency (let's face it, I do!)... I'm not going to make any false promises about keeping up at it.

Instead, I wanted to share my "Not Me" Sunday funnies.

I did not use a completely different type of hair color.

I TOTALLY did not color my hair jamming to Beyonce and Journey (Live!). Nor did I dance around my bathroom like a fool.

I also did not accidentally purchase Journey Live instead of Journey's Greatest Hits.

I did not almost pass out in the bathtub because of the outrageous fumes from my hair color.

I did not forget to wipe off the hair color from the back of my neck, and hair color blobs do not look like bizarre hickies on my aforementioned neck.

I did not take pictures of how ridiculous I look with my plastic hair cap on and my colored eyebrows.

I did not think about how funny it would be to blog about this while coloring said hair.

There is NO correlation to my absurd hair coloring ritual and why I'm not married.

I did not register with a talent agency to become an extra on one of my favorite TV shows.

I have NO idea what you're laughing at on your side of the monitor.

None. Duh.

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Ha! I SO need pics of the hair color hickies!