Tuesday, January 27, 2009

iPod Tuesday

(You can catch up with the installments here)

  • Circus - Britney Spears - I know somebody just fell over, but this song is stuck in my head.
  • I Never Lost My Praise - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I realize this should never follow Britney, but this song is AWESOME. It's been sung at church several times, and yesterday as I was walking, I walked like four or five laps to this -- I hope I can stand one day and say that I don't lose my praise!
  • My Romance - Christ For The Nations - This was on Jenn's 2000-Hate Soundtrack and I love it. I love CFNI anyway, but this is beautiful. It's such a smooth worship chorus.
  • Just Dance - Lady GaGa - I saw her in concert, and while I'm confident that she's on hamburger short of a happy meal, this is one awesome workout song! Get's your heart pumpin'!
  • Something Happens - Kurt Carr - I LOVE THIS SONG. It just makes me excited thinking about it!
  • Closer - Ne-Yo - I'm partly sharing my worship favs and the other half are my workout jams. Closer is one of my ringtongs!
  • Shake It - Metro Station - First Britney, now Hannah Montana's brother... clearly I have no shame. Again -- WORKOUT PEOPLE, WORKOUT.
  • Fuego - Pitbull - I remembered this song from So You Think You Can Dance, and love it. It gets stuck in your head, and before you know it, you're feet and hips are moving. I also think it was featured in the Transformers movie.
  • In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel - I'm showing my age here, but I don't care. Hello 80's? I miss you. Love Jenn.
  • Africa - Straight No Chaser - Hearing the acapella version of this? FABULOUS!

P.S.... my next post? #900!!!

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