Friday, January 9, 2009

I really don't have anything exciting to blog about, but I'm forcing myself to do it simply for the therapy. Writing is so cathartic.

I didn't really cry a lot yesterday. I foolishly decided to watch Grey's and Private Practice. Note to self: When grieving the loss of someone you love, it's probably NOT a good idea to watch fictional medical dramas where people die.


It may also not be wise to tell people (considering the present situation) that they should watch BL with you... then watch a contestant say "I thought I was seeing my loved one pass right before me".

I mean... what is WRONG with me?

My hope is that the people who did come to my house last night realized that 1) I just wasn't thinking and 2) I'm sorry.



I did get to talk to Nathan's Dad and cousin yesterday, and I can't begin to tell you how incredibly strong they are. I mean... WOW. It says something about your character when, as your loved one is dying, you can encourage others.


I've already begun working on the Cystic Fibrosis Walk. It's March 28th, and I want to run the 5K.


Just got an email about the walk, and while trying to respond to Nate's dad... tears.

Shew. This is rough.


Mimi said...

Still no good words for you, just cyber {{{hugs}}} & continued prayers

The Miles Family said...

HEY! I'm gonna try to run the 5k this year as well...
I say try because...
I've never run anything IN MY LIFE.
AND... I just decided to go it yesterday. :)

lots of love from this side of cleveland!! *hugs*

Josh Holland said...


Am praying for you in your loss. So sorry.

Thanks for checking out my blog and your kind words... You're quite the blogger.. wow! will definitely keep up with you. Thanks for the link