Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm not good at flirting at 7:40 in the morning when it's 20 degrees. But practice makes perfect.

I'm not Suzy Punctual for work each morning. And my Director HATES it. Understandably. Being punctual is a struggle for me, but I DO try. And I fail alot, but it's one of those "horses" where you just have to get back up and pray that you have some place to get back up to, if you know what I mean. I didn't get to work until 8:30 yesterday -- reeling from my weekend -- the exhaustion, the lack of sleep, the nightmares, and all that we had going on top of that -- so of course I had an email first thing.

I didn't respond to his email (not out of disrespect of course), but I couldn't see writing an email that said:

"Dear Sir, I'm late to work this morning because my friend didn't ask me if it was okay to pass away during year-end."

So, I sucked it up, worked my behinnee off yesterday and tried to get things as in order as I possibly could. In the fog I was working through last week, I stayed in a state of fear that I was missing something. There's still a likelihood of that too,... so pray people PRAY! But, I worked until after 7 last night, and then went home, did the usual and took a shower so that I could just jump out of bed this morning and be at work ON TIME so as not to cause any more tension.

And at 6:55 this morning, I flew out of bed and got ready. I checked and realized that my windshield was iced over, so I grabbed my keys to warm it up.

As soon as I stuck my key in the ingition, I realized I had a serious problem.




I'm guessing you see my dilemma.

A few months ago, after another vehicle-related scare, my parents bought me a AAA membership. It was the first thing I thought about after I called my parents angry that my stupid car was dead. I was given a 45 minute wait time which meant, I clearly wasn't making it on time to work. So, I called my boss (New Guy's car is dead too...) and let her know that I would be in as soon as I could.

As it turns out, my car makes this awful growling noise as a result of the suspension system. A sensor is bad in the system, so it never tells the car's computer that my car is level, or even in park sometimes, so it runs all the time, whether the key is in the ignition or not.

While I was waiting, I cried, got angry, hung up on my parents twice, and then got over myself. It's just a car. And really, it wasn't the car that bothered me, it was the work pressure.

But the guy finally showed up, and was really nice...


In ten minutes, I learned how to turn off my suspension system, restart my car in the event that I get in a wreck (I've got an Easy button in the trunk), where he came from, how he got here, about his kids, his ex-wife, his cell phone number, and he tried to touch my neck.

And then he left me with these words, "I'm not a good flirt at first, but I get better every time."

Today's story was brought to you by the letter C -- in case you needed confirmation that my life is never boring.

And if this is any indicator of my year... it's gonna be AWESOME.


The Miles Family said...


Flirty AAA guy... was he cute? lol

Do your parents get mad when you hang up on them?
Once, my dad called me back to tell me I better not EVER do that again... I haven't. :)

Jenn said...

He was not ugly... but he was only 5'8".

My Step-Dad probably got frustrated with me, but it was his car originally, so he knew better than to say anything this morning. My mom just cried with me, because she's sad I don't have a husband in these kind of situations. I did apologize tot them, and all is well. I've only hung on my mom once in my life, and she threatened my life too. I was just upset, and they knew it.

Mimi said...

Rock on! Was he cute? Christian?Did you flirt back?

leslie ruth said...

Oh sister, I hear you on the whole punctuality issue. We are definitely cut from the same cloth on that one.

AAA membership...need to gets me one of those puppies.

"...and he tried to touch my neck...'I'm not a good flirt at first, but I get better every time.' " Oh my word, I'm trying not snort while I laugh my tail off in the middle of Panera.

The Miles Family said...

My sister is 5'11... her husband is 5'7". :)