Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I will be writing about in the near future

  • Friends who disappoint and how I should (and should not respond)
  • Shopping for fat people.
  • Learning to quilt.

In other news, I'll also be turning 80 next month. Stay tuned.


The Miles Family said...

sweet! i hear 80 is the new 30. :)

leslie ruth said...

Girl, you're hilarious. I'll turn 80 right along with you if you'll teach me how to quilt after you learn.

Paige said...

Oh I will be 80 along with you then. A couple of years ago I joined a local quilting group. I was the youngest by about 25 years. Most of the women were in their 60's and 70's. It was fun and I did learn lots. I even have a huge quilting frame for quilts as large as a bed. I am not in the group anymore but I still quilt and sew as much as I can!