Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Car. You know, I've had it almost seven months and I haven't named it. My last car was Silver Bullet, and before that I had Purple Passion. Sometimes I refer to my current vehicle as "The Yacht", referencing of course it's length and girth. Wait, do cars have girth? Anyway, I'd had some "trouble" the last few days. Of course, it wouldn't start for me two days ago. Yesterday, we took a coworker to lunch and it wouldn't start again, so as punishment, I made it sit in the parking lot of Logan's. I like that I misuse "punishment" and make myself laugh. So, I called my Mom and she's going to come today to trade cars with me.

I did get my car started again and even drove it to work this morning. It's highly like that Mr. AAA hit the wire that plugs into my battery so that there was no transfer of "juice". It has since been repaired, but The Yacht will be going to get some "professional help" in the hopes that we can avoid this in the near future... or next year.


In other news, I have an OFFICIAL trainer. Y'all pray for her, because I'm pretty sure she's going to want to kill me on... I don't know... the second day. I'm sure one of my friends and former sorority presidents (A W-T) could send a few Amen's down her way.


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Mimi said...

I'm sure you'll have that trainer whipped into shape in no time!

Did you notice MGG had his hair different last night? I didn't really care for it!