Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I probably should have used this as my WFMW tip, but I forgot. I know that everyone who glances here at D.C. come from a variety of home lives... some of you are married with kids, some singles, some divorced, some newlyweds... but the tip I should have given is more related to saving money this year.


This is the part where I prove that I can be a dorky accountant... bear with me!

If you have a truly complicated tax return (homeowner with investment properties, IRA/401K changes throughout the year, Own your own business with net income over $20,000 annually), then ignore this post and see a PROFESSIONAL. If you are not any of those, then let me encourage you to find your 2007 tax returns, and do your taxes yourself this year! If your adjusted gross income is less than $50,000 (AGI is your total income less exemptions like STUDENT LOAN INTEREST), then you should be able to find a lists of sites that will let you file for FREE!!

It's actually very easy to use your 2007 taxes as a guide... and both the IRS and State Departments of Revenue offer assistance over email and telephone. 99.9% of the time, they're very nice and helpful...unless it's April 14th at like 10:15pm.

There are a lot of tax services (many in your area) that will do prepare and file your taxes quickly... for about $100.00. That is Highway Robbery! If you make above $50,000, there are websites that will let you file electronically for $7.99. I use -- (I have for a few years now), and love it. Because I am an accountant, I usually calculate my taxes manually, and then go to the website and file.

It may sound or seem complicated, but it's not! It's Easy-Peasy. :)

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