Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Randomness

  • After 326 days, my roommate has returned!!! Yay!!!
  • I'm seriously going to hound her until she puts up an Etsy website too!
  • New Guy was off yesterday and today... and is it bad that I don't really miss him?
  • On the way to work this morning, my contacts decided they wanted to burn my eyes out. I barely got off the road... it was crazy!
  • I have done TaeBo twice this week, and Billy... NOT my friend.
  • I guess you don't really need enabling friends though, right?
  • After the birthday party tonight, I'm going home and will be doing a few home DIY projects with my mom... and I'm excited!
  • There will be purple paint involved. :)
  • I spent an hour and a half yesterday writing a short speech that I was scheduled to give last night. Ten minutes before I was supposed to speak, I realized I left my speech, ON MY DESK, in DALTON, 45 minutes away.
  • :(
  • I'm pretty sure I did a crappy job winging it from memory.
  • But my dinner meeting went REALLY WELL!
  • I'm 7 posts from #900!
  • ... and I'm going to my first AA meeting on Monday.

Currently listening to: Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin

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