Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clearly cramps aren't my biggest problem.

This is one of those personal random tangents that just comes out sometimes. Proceed at your own risk.

Last night during bible study, a question was posed -- Why is it so tough being a woman?

To be perfectly honest with you, I couldn't think of any reason why it was so tough to be a woman. I mean, we have hormones which suck, but off the top of my head last night, I couldn't think of a reason.

During the video, one person surveyed said: "It's tough to be a woman with regards to panty lines. We spend all our time trying to find panties that make it look like we're not wearing any so that no one sees our panty lines. When will it be cool to bring the lines back? I agree wholeheartedly on that!

But again, I couldn't come up with anything. Today, while I was reading over what Nathan's doctor said, I realized why it's tough being a woman.


I know that men can actually NOT think about anything, and I can't. I've tried, and of course, that makes it worse. It's the worrying that comes from thinking that can be so dadgum hard too. Reading through the entries, my brain goes into a million different places. For reasons I don't want to write down, I almost become afraid of my cell phone, for fear that it's going to bring bad news, and that's when I realized what is tough about being a woman.

I was reminded of a song we used to sing at church a lifetime ago. The words are "Whose report will you believe? Whose report will you receive? HIS report says I am healed. HIS report says I am filled! HIS report says I am Free! HIS reports says VICTORY!"

So, I'm reminding myself that I need to STAY ENCOURAGED. I need to keep having thoughts that edify and encourage instead of make afraid and discourage. In this moment, I need to stop being just a woman, and be a better child of God.

Since this is MY blog, I would also like it noted for the physicians who are treating my friend that just because you've given up hope doesn't mean that the rest of us who are praying have. And we are praying for God to give you wisdom and faith too!

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Mimi said...

O.K., prayers going out to those physicians who have given up hope. Makes me want to smack them a little.

As for the brain thing, my brain is never, ever quiet. Sometimes I get mad at my hubby when his mind is peaceful & quiet.