Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"The rains came down and the schools closed up"

Hello 13 INCHES OF RAIN IN CHATTY AREA SINCE DECEMBER 1. I mean... WOW. It rained so hard yesterday. And the schools in my neck of the woods called it a day, er, tomorrow.

And for the record, they're predicting that the temperatures will drop and we may have some snow flurries tonight. Who can deal?

Anywho... My intentions were to go home and rest last night. I'm exhausted from all that's gone on, and even though I was scheduled to start a new bible study with my FBC ladies, I had already emailed Bits to let her know I wasn't coming.

And then I went to leave work and it was 1) almost pitch black at 5:15pm, and 2) I'm pretty sure that part of the parking lot had turned into a river with at least class 3 rapids.

So... I decided to make an executive decision and head on over to bible study. I had a coke explode in my purse that sorted started my night off out of sorts,... but things rebounded quickly. But if y'all wanna throw up some prayers for God to heal my iPod, I would be thankful! I should have remembered that the last time I almost bailed on the first night of study was the first time I met my FBC Ladies and God tore me up that night. I got in my car and bawled my eyeballs out hearing The Word that night. Last night (Okay, I wasn't bawling), but last night was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

We're studying Esther: It's tough being a woman. While I won't dispute that it's tough being a woman, last night what I gleaned had more to do with this statement:

There are many times that God will let you stand by and watch HIM do the miracles. Then there are other times where God expects you to trust that He will give you providence and strength to watch the miracle work through you.

And that, dear interpeeps, sums up the last week of my life.

Staight up Holy Synergy.

I haven't done a real encouraging post lately (story of my life), but THAT is some good Theology.

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