Tuesday, January 6, 2009


New Guy is back at work today.

And he brought a dr's note, but it's a HIPAA violation for businesses to ask for them.

And then he made a lung joke.

And I want to go in his office and punch him in the face.

Would y'all pray I exercise some restraint today? Thanks.


The Miles Family said...

Some people have NO SENSE! :)

I'm praying, but he would deserve anything you unleashed on him... muahahahaha!

Butterbean said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm asking the Great Physician to meet all of Nathan's needs. I'm also asking Him to draw especially near to you. It's hard to handle the fluff & frustration of the mundane when you're facing a crisis with a loved one. Love you bunches!

Mimi said...

I second the things that Butterbean said. I am out here praying.

As for new guy, do ya' know anyone in payroll, who can 'lost' his paycheck for a day or two?