Friday, January 2, 2009

Hump Day iPod

(You can catch the last installment here)

I'm LONG overdue for one of these.

  • Thriller - Michael Jackson - You cannot go wrong with old school MJ. Plus, you know you remember that famous dance move.
  • The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson - Clearly more MJ, but it has a deeper meaning that I can't tell you. See... I do have secrets!
  • Everyday - Rascal Flatts - So cathartic to belt out in my car. I don't care if you stare at me or think I'm crazy.
  • Canned Heat - Jamiroquai - This song is from the movie I saw on my very first date. I've got Canned Heat... do you?
  • White Horse - Taylor Swift - Life is not a fairytale. This is a beautiful song that is easy and honest.
  • Beyonce - Single Ladies -- I can't believe I'm sharing this, but I dance to this song EVERY time I hear it. And it makes me want to get on a treadmill and run!
  • Fall Baby Fall - Ryan Cabrera - a boy who tells me it's okay to cry? Yes Sir!
  • (Love is) The Tender Trap - Frank Sinatra - Old Blue Eyes knows how to sing to you and make you feel it in your toes. Love is a trap... clearly I need to start big game hunting!
  • Rock & Roll - Eric Hutchinson - I love the raggae quality to this song, but I also the way that it feels kinda natural. You can't help but move to the beat. 'Cause if you wanna rock, you rock, and if you wanna roll, you roll.
  • Damaged - Danity Kane - I know you're probably judging me for this one, and while it's not undeserved, I still like it.

What are you listening to?

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