Sunday, January 4, 2009

Live Bloggin' from Erlanger

As you would presume from the video, today is my friend Nathan's 27th birthday. This has been (as relayed by his parents) one of the most difficult weeks they've experienced. But amidst all the anxiety and frustration, are many, many reminders of God continued protection and favor for Nathan and his family. Willa shared of numerous former students who've identified themselves here at the hospital, and then gone out of their way to do whatever they can.

God is not just a God of big miracles... He is all about the little ones.

And so today, as I sit in the waiting room of the I.C.U., with my friend just down the hall, I am even more encouraged to know that God is working, ON TIME, for Nathan, his family, and each of us.

If you get a chance, would you leave a birthday message for Nathan? I realize you may not know him, but I do... and it means so much to me! You can go to the website below and wish him birthday wishes for MANY MORE!

Much Love,

And in true Nathan fashion, he had five women in the waiting room for him. Only Nathan. :)

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